SBB Mobile: New app out soon.

Dear Doctor Rail,

I have been a satisfied user of SBB Mobile for several years, but now the app is showing its age. Are there any new developments?

Thanks in advance for your response,



Dear Silvia,

You’re right. SBB Mobile was launched in January 2009 and six years is already an impressive age in the digital world. Although SBB Mobile has undergone constant development: for example, the latest version shows you where the various passenger coaches are. The push notifications for delays, train cancellations and platform changes have also been improved. However, the SBB Mobile App can’t fully hide the fact that its user interface doesn’t look as modern and fresh any more.

We have therefore decided to redevelop SBB Mobile from scratch. We were given the go-ahead recently and have ambitious plans for the project (code name vNext). Our top priorities are ease of operation and making the app fun to use. It could be given an aesthetic and minimalist design, combined with a highly functional and self-explanatory user interface, as shown here on the ticket purchase screen, because we aim to make SBB Mobile appeal to even more customer segments in future and make it just as easy to use for both young and old alike.

Of course, we are also working intensively on the functionality of SBB Mobile vNext. Our vision is to develop the app from its current version, an electronic timetable with an integrated Ticket Shop, into a digital travel companion. SBB Mobile vNext is to offer passengers real-time customer information and make their journey easier throughout the entire process – from planning the trip at home to arriving at their destination, whether they are looking for shops at the station or personalised connections in the event of a delay (although over 88% of our SBB trains run on time ;-) ).

We also plan to get SBB Mobile users more involved in the app’s ongoing development in future and communicate with them about it more actively. This blog post marks the beginning and further information will follow in the course of the year. Our aim is to be able to launch a public beta version of SBB Mobile vNext by the end of the year. Stay tuned, I’m counting on you to be our future beta tester.

Regards, Doctor Rail

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  1. That’s a very good application thank for a good app we can travel to many place thank you so much :)

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