Giruno: SBB’s future Gotthard train makes an appearance in Berlin.

The “SBB fledgling train”, known as Giruno, by Stadler is making its debut at the most prestigious international railway trade fair in Berlin this week. The train is set to come into operation on the Gotthard route from late 2019.

Messe Berlin, 21 September 2016, 9 a.m. The doors are opening at “InnoTrans”, the most prestigious international railway trade fair. SBB employee Nadine Wünsch is already at the venue. “All of the biggest names in the railway industry flock to Berlin during this week,” says the mechanical engineer. On the tracks next to the big exhibition halls, manufacturers present the latest developments. There are rows and rows of trains and wagons, with SBB’s Gotthard train right in the middle on track 8/40.


Stadler, the manufacturer, calls it the “EC250”, while SBB has christened it the “Giruno”, a term derived from the Rhaeto-Romance language meaning “buzzard”. “It’s still a fledgling train,” says Nadine Wünsch. She ought to know: she has overall responsibility for the project’s customer requirements and the subsequent type approval tests. The train on display comprises five parts, whereas future trains will have eleven. “We’ve got a lot of things right already like the lighting, but of course the interior design hasn’t been perfected yet,” adds Nadine Wünsch.


Spacious and bright.

The comfort that passengers can look forward to on future journeys can already been seen and felt: there are power sockets at every seat, large luggage stowage areas, separate ladies’ and gents’ toilets and a modern lighting concept. “We felt it was very important for the entire interior to be spacious and bright,” says Nadine Wünsch.

Meantime, the first visitors are already inspecting the new SBB train and are amazed at how much it has to offer at such an early stage. The contract between Stadler and SBB was only finally signed just short of two years ago, but there is still some way to go before the launch in late 2019 when the Giruno will begin running between Basel/Zurich and Milan and later between Frankfurt and Milan too. Thanks to the new Gotthard Tunnel, travel times along these routes will then be more than 60 minutes shorter compared with today’s train services.




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  1. Any chance of these trains running all the way to Naples or at least to Rome? It’s a huge waste of time changing trains in Milan, as well as unnecessarily dumping hundreds of passengers into an already congested station.

  2. Espero viajar nessa maravilha em 2017,eu sou fascinado por trens,um abraço à todos da Stadler por essa maravilha.

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