Bring on the SBB event summer!

The Greenfield Festival in Interlaken will be kicking off this year’s summer of events. With a yodelling competition, the local Unspunnen festival and a street parade, you’ll have one event after another to enjoy. While Switzerland celebrates, we’ll be putting on special event trains and working extra shifts to help you get around with ease.

What do the Yodelling Festival, Street Parade and Greenfield Festival have in common? Exactly, SBB! It will ensure that visitors reach their favourite events this summer, no matter where they are taking place in Switzerland.

From June to early September alone, SBB will be involved in around 250 events with an expected 9 million visitors. It will deploy about 500 special event trains and lots of additional coaches for 85 events. In addition to their daily work, some 1,000 locomotive drivers and customer assistants will be working extra shifts to ensure safe and smooth travel – even in the late-night hours.

Here is an overview of the most important events:


Incidentally, the events are being managed by a specially dedicated team that also includes event manager Isabel Weingart. 2017 may not be quite as impressive as the Gotthard year regarding special event trains, additional staff or the number of visitors. Nevertheless, she and her colleagues are facing a demanding SBB event summer:

«Many of the events coincide with nighttime construction work, which presents an additional challenge for us». She therefore strongly advises event visitors to consult the online timetable in advance and to use the special event trains whenever possible. This is especially important between 10 and 26 June 2017, as there will be considerable rail traffic restrictions and timetable changes on the Zurich–Basel and Olten–Bern axes.

Isabel Weingart is convinced that SBB will play a central role in large-scale events this year as well: «Although we have a lot of experience organising events, each one is unique. We always try to utilise the experiences we have gained – be they positive or negative – for the next event. We are in close contact with the organisers and know their needs. This exchange has proved fruitful: In cooperation with the Moon & Stars Festival, for example, this year for the first time special event trains will be running daily after the concerts to German-speaking Switzerland».

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  1. I think the new App is awful and has lots of annoying glitches. I still have the old version, so I’m using that one to buy tickets.I understand that this is the norm with a new app, but a lot of the problems weren’t present on the old app .There is no chance to buy a ticket without going to the timetable, and selecting the train. I will have to resort back to buying ticket from the machines .
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