Exceptional situation on the SBB network.

Around 250 events take place in Switzerland from June to September. During this period, nine million visitors want to be transported from A to B. Three employees talk about how SBB manages this feat. Find out how Thomas, Marcel and Ljulzim experience the exceptional circumstances.


Thomas, the long-term planner.

Thomas Zieberg is responsible for the deployment of train crew members at the stations. His work for the summer events begins months in advance. He coordinates 18 team leaders and 600 additional employees. To help you at the station he plans how to assign the customer advisors who answer your questions at the station and direct you to the train connection you require. It is possible for the station to run smoothly with their help. «The very presence of an SBB customer advisor at the station is valuable for customers,» he tells us. «It gives the passengers the feeling of receiving good support at all times,» and he adds: «Most customers really appreciate this additional SBB assistance.»


Marcel, the plan B specialist.

Marcel Rupp organises operational processing and deploys the customer advisors on-site. Marcel is needed on days when several major events are taking place. The stations are overrun with people on those days. He talks about the «Züri Fäscht»: «As soon as the fireworks end, all the visitors flock to the station. At this time we offer additional staff and sufficient customer advisors. They direct the passengers to the platforms to achieve even occupancy of the trains.» Marcel always has a plan B ready, whereby people who arrive late for the trains from a concert can make it home. He liaises with internal and external partners for the events. When it comes to safety he works with the transport police, and for cleaning he works with RailClean.


Ljulzim, the night worker.

Ljulzim Djambazi is a cleaning specialist at Lucerne station, and he and his team ensure that you travel on a clean train. The cleaning teams work around the clock. The last shift starts at 10 p.m. and continues until 5 a.m. During the night his team cleans the trains from top to bottom. In specific terms this means removing refuse, cleaning the windows, hoovering and of course cleaning the toilets. Ljulzim and his team are well versed: in this way they can meet the high standards required on the trains. Ljulzim explains during the conversation: «The train is just the same as a hotel: if the train is cleaned thoroughly, the customers are satisfied.» During the day he and his staff carry out a rapid cleaning of the train. This type of cleaning has to happen quickly as the trains only stop at the station for a short time during the day. At the end of the discussion Ljulzim tells us: «I remember the 2008 European championships well: we had a great deal of work to do at that time. The variety of nationalities and the good humour of the Dutch were a great motivation for us.» He is therefore looking ahead to this summer with confidence too.



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