7 fantastic facts on changing money at SBB Change.

1. Here come the holidays!


It’s nearly spring break! Have you bought your travel money yet? For a relaxed start to your holidays, we recommend purchasing local currency from SBB Change before your trip. You can choose from more than 90 different currencies from all over the world.


2. What happens if the currency I want isn’t available?


Larger sales points have a wide selection of currencies readily available. However, if your chosen currency is unavailable, we will simply deliver it to your home address or local station. To avoid disappointment, you can also order over 60 foreign currencies online in advance.


3. Great! Where can I find SBB Change?

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You can find SBB Change services at over 180 stations. This list will help you to find the counter closest to you.


4. What are the opening times of the SBB Change counters?


SBB Change will (almost) never close its doors to you. At the larger stations, the counters are open all day from early in the morning right through to the evening, even at weekends. You can find the exact opening times here.


5. What happens if everything – and I really mean everything – gets stolen while I’m on holiday?


Once you’ve topped up your Travel Cash Card, you can withdraw your money from over 2 million cash machines across the world or use it to pay in over 36 million shops.  The best thing about this card is, you will be sent a free replacement loaded with the remaining value in next to no time, wherever you are in the world. You can also take out travel insurance at SBB Change.


6. Enjoy an exclusive glimpse inside the SBB Change vault.


Joking aside, we really wanted to show you a photo from the SBB Change vault at Bern station here, but we didn’t want to make it too easy for burglars, did we?


7. If USD, THB and TRY are all Greek to you…


…we’re happy to help you out. You can find a detailed list of the most common currency codes here. You’re welcome!



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