Are you ready for a summer of festivals?

Let your hair down and enjoy the balmy summer nights with friends and good music: the festival season is here. But how can you make sure your festival experience will be unforgettable too? We’ve put together some tips for you.


Before the festival.

© Open Air Gampel
  • We all know that anticipation is half the fun. Do you already know which festival you want to go to this year or do you still need some help deciding? Click here for a varied range of festivals. There’s something for everyone.
  • The same questions always crop up: what should I pack? What do I really need and what should I leave at home? Use our festival checklist (PDF) to make sure you’ve remembered everything.
  • What will the weather be like? It won’t hurt to check the weather app so that you can pack weather-appropriate clothes and equipment at the last minute.
  • How do I get there? We recommend travelling there by public transport. No traffic jams, no stress and no driving around looking for a parking space. You’ll already be able to revel in the exciting festival atmosphere on the journey. With the RailAway combined offers, you even get up to 50% off your journey to the festival.

By the way: SBB will be running numerous special event trains for various festivals.

Click here to view RailAway festival offers, including timetables for the special event trains.


At the festival.

Where should I pitch my tent? Our tips:

  • Walk through the campsite without your luggage first and find your favourite spot.
  • Don’t pitch your tent at the bottom of a hill as this will put you at risk of flooding if it rains.
  • Avoid main walkways. Every other person that walks by will trip over your tent.
  • Look for a place that will be in the shade in the morning.
  • Setting up camp next to the portaloos is not advisable!
© Nick Lobeck, für OpenAir St. Gallen
Photo © Nick Lobeck, für OpenAir St. Gallen

How do I find my tent again?

  • Use flags or a canopy to make your tent stand out, or choose an unusual tent colour
  • Mark your tent with colourful tape.


Various other tips for your time at the festival:

  • Drink plenty of water. And keep doing so.
  • Have a proper meal at least once a day. Festival food stalls have significantly improved. Whereas before you could only expect chips, hotdogs and burgers, nowadays there is a huge variety of well-balanced, nutritious food on offer.
  • Make sure you also treat yourself to a couple of hours’ peace and quiet now and then.
  • If the sun is shining, make sure you bring a sunhat and suncream. Sunstroke and sunburn don’t make for a good festival experience.
  • If it rains, wellies are essential.
  • Protect your hearing with ear protectors or ear plugs, so that you can sleep at night without your ears ringing.

© Open Air Gampel

After the festival.

  • Show the environment and the festival organisers some love by cleaning up after yourself. There will be plenty of waste disposal facilities.
  • Remember to pack and take home everything that belongs to you.
  • Clean your shoes and equipment before you travel home. SBB and other public transport operators will thank you for it.
  • When you get home, take some time to relax, e.g. with a long shower or a hot bath, nutritious food, lots of water and plenty of sleep.
Bilderbuch Sitterbühne @OpenAir St. Gallen – official 2017 Foto: @Nick Lobeck /


Win festival tickets.

We’re looking for the RailAway Star for this year’s festival season. Show us what your performance on a festival main stage would look like and with a bit of luck, you could win some festival tickets for the Stars of Sounds and Open Air Gampel.

Click here to find out how to enter the competition.

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