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SBB IT employee Daniela: on the move with SBB in both a professional and private capacity.

Daniela Kämpf works in SBB’s Information Technology division. She is currently helping to develop an app that will be used when tracks and points are closed. She often travels into the mountains or across Switzerland’s border on SBB trains outside of work too and she will soon be travelling to the Expo in Milan. In this interview, Daniela talks about her varied job and her upcoming travel plans.

Behind the scenes at the Yverdon industrial workshop.

The station in Yverdon-les-Bains, where the River Thielle winds its leisurely way towards Lake Neuchâtel, is where Hamdi Dragusha works. He is part of Team 330 at SBB’s Yverdon industrial workshop and his job is to overhaul bogies. A bogie or running gear is the part of the train between the coach and the track, where the wheels are, and that is what Hamdi deals with. We went to watch him at work.

A look behind the scenes: out and about with RailClean.

A freight train thunders past, a leaf blower blows leaves away, a worker in bright orange clothes pushes a rattling lawn mower along in front of him. It is early in the morning on an autumn day. We are in a car park at Sursee train station and the fog is beginning to clear. Peter Mäder checks to see if his protective goggles fit. Then he revs up his hedge trimmer and goes to work on the hedge.